Lash Extensions

Our semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions are applied lash by lash one at a time for the most natural look and feel. Unlike 'flares' or 'cluster' lashes that are often applied as lash extensions, our signature sets of seamless lashes are applied either one hair or volume fan at a time to maintain the health and integrity of the natural lashes.

With precision application and attention to detail your experienced lash technician will customize each set to best suit your eye according to lifestyle, design, length, curl and texture.

As Kamloops premier Lash and Brow studio you can rest assured that our certified lash technicians are committed to ongoing advanced training and use only the highest quality products for safety and longevity.

At Sugar & Spice we specialize in corrections and damage-free lashing. People who use these services will love the simplicity and lash boost they get from extensions without mascara!

Check out our Facebook photo gallery to see our lashes in action!


Hail all mascara lovers! Being the most popular set, the glam service most closely simulates the look of a coat of mascara. Wake up pretty and enjoy that extra time for yourself each morning.
$170 / 120 min  


Great for special occasions, events, holidays, or ideal for those who love a full, voluminous look. This set photographs well, has amazing retention and will allow you to wake up feeling fabulous without the hassle of applying several coats of mascara before donning a great set of lashes.
$200 / 180 min



Root Coloring/Color lash Upgrade

Enhance the eyes with a subtle to dramatic hi light of complimentary or contrasting colour, cocktail to make your eyes pop in the sunlight!
$20 / Sweet add-on to any set


Our lash refills now booking for 60 minutes.

$90/ 60min


Deluxe Lash Refill

$110/ 90min

Lash Removal

$25/ 30min 

***Please be aware that any lash services booked with Arnica include a price increase.

- This is a reflection of her high demand and years of experience and training.