Medi Spa Advanced Skin Therapy

Welcome to Sugar and Spice Medi Spa, where advanced skin therapy is our specialty. Our focus is on healthy skin transformations, using medical grade active ingredients and science based delivery systems, to effectively revitalize and restore balance to the skin.

Vitamin Infusion Facial

Restore radiance and reverse the signs of aging caused by environmental damage. Powerful Environ actives including vitamin A, vitamin C, and peptides are infused into the deeper layers of the skin to restore clarity, firmness, and hydration. DF technology utilizes an electrical current to increase the absorption of concentrated vitamins while sound waves allow effective penetration of actives by stimulating collagen and elastin production, providing lasting results.

$175 Single Treatment

$437.50 Package of Three*

$875 Package of Six*

* package pricing applies to pre purchases only

Cool Peel

Improve skin clarity, tone, and texture with a customized Lactic Acid Peel. This gentle, yet effective Alpha Hydroxy Acid has been used for centuries to revitilize tired looking skin by dissolving oils, smoothing congestion, and minimizing fine lines.

$150 Single Treatment

$375 Package of Three*

$750 Package of Six*

* package pricing applies to pre purchases only

Intense Vitamin C Peel

Re-establish a radiant, youthful skin with the power of Vitamin C. Restore skins natural defense with antioxidant properties for a brighter, lighter complexion. Salycilic Acid provides a deeper micro-exfoliation to minimize dull skin and effectively reduce the signs of aging, for a healthy looking glow.

$150 Single Treatment

Dermaplane Facial

This manual exfoliation of the face and neck removes any unwanted dry-skin buildup and vellous hair. It is a gentle, yet effective brightening treatment, that is best done seasonally, ridding our skin of dead skin cells, and allowing the penetration of active ingredients. The result is a silky smooth surface perfect for graduation, weddings, or any special occasion, as it provides the ideal surface for a flawless makeup application.

$95 Single Treatment

Hydra Lift Facial

This luxurious facial starts with a three step cleanse followed by a Dermaplane Facial and a Vitamin C Peel before finishing with a Vitamin Infusion.

$175 Single Treatment

Bio Filler Facial

Our coveted "party look" restores youthful volume for plumped, juicy looking skin in alignment with injectables with its breakthrough hydration technology and a dreamy 25 minute lymphatic massage.

$199 Single Treatment

Sparkling Facial

The ultimate "glow on the go" treatment that oxygenates lacklustre skin for instantly refreshed, energized complexion with a boost of hydration and minimized pore size. This is the perfect holiday reset.

$149 Single Treatment

Platinum Facial

Why go gold when you can be platinum! Boasting outstanding results, this treatment features a Dermaplane, dual masque treatment to destress the skin, 25 minute massage and signature serum cocktail for collagen and elastin synthesis and cellular renewal.

 $249 Single Treatment


Pioneered by Environs founder, Dr. Des Fernandes, microneedling harnesses the skins natural ability to synthesize new collagen and elastin, reversing the signs of aging. Tiny punctures are made in the skin surface, causing a wound healing response which inturn creates a cascade of growth factors being released, resulting in the production of dermal growth. The benefits of Collagen Induction Therapy includes:

  • Increased firmness.
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Minimized scar tissues.
  • Lightening of scar tissues.
  • Repaired capillary damage.
  • Reduction of dark under eye circles.
  • Lasting skin rejuvenation, with minimal down time.

Pre Treatment Recommendations:

  • Use of actives pre and post treatment is recommended for optimal results.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure, chemical peels, or Retin A for 36 hours prior to service.
  • Avoid taking Ibuprofen prior to treatment.

Post Treatment Recommendations:

  • Avoid touching skin, use clean towels, pillow cases and makeup brushes.
  • Avoid sun exposure, excessive exercise, and chlorinated pools for 36 hours.
  • Avoid the use of AHA's, exfoliants, and alcohol-based products.
  • Avoid the use of cosmetics for 24 hours.

$299.99 Single Treatment

$1499.95 Package of Six*

* package pricing applies to pre purchases only